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“The Real Thing“ Available NOW

More than one jazz critic has claimed that listening to tenor saxman Eric Alexander unfettered and at length, is one of the greatest treats in jazz. This imposing improviser is reunited here with his mentor, the veteran pianist Harold Mabern and joined by another hot favorite, the legendary and amazing guitarist Pat Martino on three of the eight tracks. Add in the still stunning engineering of Rudy Van Gelder and the swing engendered by bassist John Webber and drummer Joe Farnsworth and you have a formula for excellence, if ever there was one. Martino and Alexander perform together often in a variety of venues and their collaborations have produced some of the most inspired playing on disc. More . . .

Improvising with the Whole Step Triad and Diminished Scales Supplement - NEW eBook

Learn how I combine these two powerful improv techniques, the Whole Step Triad Scale and the Diminished Scale, over the chord changes to three standard tunes, “Invitation,” “Mr. PC,” and “Stella.”
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