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Study online in the privacy and comfort of your home or in-person with Eric in Manhattan, NYC.
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Concise PDF eBooks with exercises, playalongs and transcriptions with links to Eric's recorded performances. Print them or load them onto your tablet or smartphone.
Improvising with the Whole Step Triad and Diminished Scales Supplement
Learn how I combine these two powerful improv techniques, the Whole Step Triad Scale and the Diminished Scale . . . More...
Fourteen Major Scale Explorations
In this ebook I've used common practice, modern jazz language ideas to create multiple measure phrases . . . More...
Improvising with the Diminished Scale
In this ebook, I will show players how I like to think about the scale in terms of resolutions in ii-V settings . . . More...
Improvising with the Whole Tone Triad Combination Scale
Develop new melodic vocabulary with this easily implemented technique. More...
Four Blues Choruses Based on the Diminished Scale
These choruses were improvised using the diminished scale as I've described in "Improvising with the Diminished Scale."
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